Interactive Data Systems

Arnab Nandi's Research Group at Ohio State

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Current Projects

  • GestureDB — Gestural querying of databases using non-keyboard interfaces
  • DICE — Large-scale Distributed Interactive Analytics


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  • Arnab Nandi
    Lead / Assistant Professor

  • Niranjan Kamat
    PhD Student

  • Ziqi Huang
    PhD Student

  • Lilong Jiang
    PhD Student

  • Sudharshan Muralidharan
    MS Student



  • Blog post about Gestural Databases is featured on the ACM SIGMOD Blog!
  • The OSU::Hackathon was a big success, here is our report about it. It was covered by The Dispatch and The Lantern.
  • gestureDB prototype was presented at the 400 W Rich Market in Columbus:
  • gestureDB prototype was presented at the GO WEST Festival as part of The STEAM Factory's booth.



  • Sept 4: Lilong Jiang: GestureDB talk at VLDB 2014
  • Sept 2 & 4: Niranjan Kamat: DICE demo at VLDB 2014
  • April 1: Niranjan Kamat: DICE poster at ICDE 2014
  • April 2: Niranjan Kamat: DICE talk at ICDE 2014
  • May 1: Arnab Nandi: Interactive Data Systems talk at MIT

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