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gestureDB: Querying Without Keyboards

Database Architecture for Next-generation Interfaces

Computing devices that use non-traditional methods to interact with data are becoming more popular than those that use keyboard-based interaction. Applications and query interfaces for such devices pose a fundamentally different set of workloads on the underlying databases. We characterize these differences and show how today's query representation and evaluation techniques are not well-suited to these new non-keyboard interaction modalities. We propose a new database architecture to address these issues.


  • Arnab Nandi: Querying Without Keyboards: CIDR 2013 (Vision Track: Best Paper Award) [pdf] [concept video]
  • Arnab Nandi, Lilong Jiang, Michael Mandel: Gestural Query Specification: VLDB 2014 [pdf]
  • Lilong Jiang, Arnab Nandi: SnapToQuery: Providing Interactive Feedback during Exploratory Query Specification: VLDB 2015 [pdf] [video]
  • Lilong Jiang, Arnab Nandi: Designing Interactive Query Interfaces to Teach Database Systems in the Classroom: CHI 2015 (Work-In-Progress) [pdf] [slides]
  • Ziqi Huang, Juan Felipe Beltran, Azza Abouzied, Arnab Nandi: Beyond Binary Gestures: Exploring Documents using Touch Interfaces: CHI 2015 (Work-In-Progress) [pdf]
  • Lilong Jiang, Arnab Nandi, Michael Mandel: GestureQuery: A Multitouch Database Query Interface: VLDB 2013 (demo)
  • Arnab Nandi, Michael Mandel: The Interactive Join: Recognizing Gestures for Database Queries: CHI 2013 (Works-In-Progress) [pdf]
  • Manish Singh, Arnab Nandi, H. V. Jagadish: Skimmer: Rapid Scrolling of Relational Query Results: SIGMOD 2012 [pdf] [slides]



  • Blog post about Gestural Databases is featured on the ACM SIGMOD Blog!
  • gestureDB prototype was presented at the 400 W Rich Market in Columbus: